PIZZA PANDA press kit

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Fact Sheet

Developer "kittenm4ster" (Andrew Anderson)
Release Date 26 September 2023
  • Web (Desktop and Mobile)
  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Windows
  • PICO-8
Price Free/Pay-What-You-Want
Length Around 15 minutes to complete all levels for the first time, longer to reach 100% and find all secrets
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PIZZA PANDA is the only platformer ever made in which you are a panda driving a car and the goal is to slam-dunk whole pizzas straight into the mouths of cute aminals as quickly as possible.

The mechanics in PIZZA PANDA were arrived at via experimentation rather than just trying to clone existing games; as a result it's a bit hard to explain with just words.

Gameplay Video

(sorry; i tried to go slow on the levels but it's really hard for me to play it badly lol hopefully you get the idea at least)


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3:4 Aspect-Ratio Cover

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Game Structure

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Game Credits

All graphics/animation/music/design/programming/etc. is by "kittenm4ster" (Andrew Anderson) except his wife helped a little bit with drawing the trees.

About the Author

Andrew "kittenm4ster" Anderson has been making games as a hobby since the age of 9 when he learned to program using QBASIC. He discovered PICO-8 shortly after it was first released in 2015 and has been quietly creating some of the most popular cult-classic games for the platform including Feed the Ducks, Alfonzo's Bowling Challenge, Ghost House, Orbiter Suite, and even a simulated disk defragmenter.

Through sheer luck and no action of his own, kittenm4ster's work has been featured in PC Gamer in both digital and print, and he was unexpectedly approached by Ford Motor Company about the possibility of developing a game for their in-vehicle entertainment system one time.

Andrew is a full-time software engineer living in Eugene, Oregon with a wife, two kids, and a dog. He doesn't know anything about marketing or whatever but some people on the internet said you should make a press kit if you want to have a chance of ever getting your game covered by anybody so this is his attempt at making one.